Chirokitia eco village tree

Smiling & Shining Heart,

Glowing & Sparkling Soul,

manifest through actions of Love 

What defines an eco-village?  We do not claim to have all the answers,  but we do believe that through the pursuit of  your own personal journeys, just like us, we can all begin to understand more. 

We can say for certain, is that our intention for building this eco-village, is to offer a hub for gaining these experiences, with the ultimate goal of transformation, both individually and collectively. 

We are all working together, sometimes intuitively and very organically, to offer a place that is dedicated ultimately to spiritual growth. 

The essence of spirituality is awareness with wisdom. 

Wisdom is knowledge and understanding, and nowadays we have fantastic and beautiful opportunities to utilize them within the real world, within this community. This is an endless journey, using old and new technology, good intentions and devotion, we can close the gap of reality and paradise.


An eco-village, needs principles of co-creating, co-existing, co-sharing, co-giving.


In our own way, coming together, loving eachother we are all contributing in building a legacy, our responsibility is to first expand with us and direct that outwards endlessly to peope who share the same vision and path. 

Flow of love, is flow of happiness